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Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Cue Card - Favourite Piece of Clothing ( May - Aug )

Describe your favourite piece of clothing
You should say
·         what it is
·         Where you got it.
·         Do you often dress it / When you wear it.
Explain why it is your favourite clothing
For somebody like me, who loves clothes, it’s hard to decide which is my favourite piece of clothing. However, I do have one piece of clothing that I love and is my favourite. Here I would talk about my favourite.

It’s a leather jacket and this beauty in black colour is by Western Leather. This leather jacket is made of 100 percent genuine lambskin that is velvety soft and lightweight.

My jacket isn’t new. In fact , it’s quite old. I bought it two years ago from Western Leather’s Store in Ludhiana. It costed me an arm and a leg. It’s little faded now, but I think it looks nicer that way. I must say it has got better with time.

I wear this jacket at least three times a week in winters and in summers sometimes I carry it with me. The great thing about it is that I can wear it with anything. It looks good with jeans or, but it is also fine with smart clothes.

This dress is my favourite because it has lots of pockets so it's really convenient to wear around and about because it means sometimes I don't even need to take a bag with me. I also get lots of compliments from my friends whenever I wear it, which is always a good confidence boost.

Follow Up Questions:
1)      Do all people enjoy shopping for clothes?
2)      Why women like to do shopping?
3)      Why some women buy cheaper clothes and expensive ones at the same time?
4)      Do you think it is good for people to buy expensive clothes?
5)      Why some people like shopping with friends?

6)      Why people like shopping for clothes online?

The clothing I wear is my most powerful and obvious form of personal expression. What I choose to wear tells everyone what type of person I am and what I think of myself.