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Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Describe something that made you laugh.

Describe something that made you laugh.
You should say:
·         what it was
·         when it happened
·         who was with you
and explain why you still remember this event.
Most people say that Life is a humdrum affair of monotonous routine activities. All they crave for is for some way to erase the boredom. But unlike others, I live exciting and lively life. There is a plethora of humorous and ludicrous incidents. Here I would like to talk about a funny situation which made me laugh.

The incident was a song sung by a classmate in my schooldays. This happened almost 2-3 years ago. That time I was a student in a university/school and I was in my 7th semester/10th class. Our class teacher was giving us an important lecture.

During a lesson, one student was randomly humming a song and the teacher was busy in teaching. But when the teacher caught him, she told him to stand up and asked him what he is singing. He then proceeded to blurt out the following phrase – “I am a barbie girl, etc. And recited the whole song in front of the class” and that too in the girliest manner.

When he sang, I was with 20 or 22 others students in the class. And everyone laughed their head off.

This is the funniest and the most laughed at the incident. Even today when I remember that incident, I have a hearty laugh. And the boy who had sung a song is my friend. So whenever I meet him. I remember that incident and we again have a laugh.

So this was all about incident which made me laugh