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Monday, 8 May 2017

Describe a special meal you would like to have.

Describe a special meal you would like to have.
You should say:
·         what you would eat
·         where you would eat
·         who you would invite to eat with you
and explain why you would like to have this special meal.
I am a foodie and I like to try new restaurants and foods. Food is something that makes me happy. I just love to eat different types of food. Here I would talk about a special meal that I would like to have.

The meal I would like to have is Gujarati Thali - Gujarati Thali is an assortment of ten wildly flavorful and addictively sweet vegetarian curries sitting alongside servings of dhal (lentils), spicy vegetables, salad and a yummy dessert. In this cuisine one finds more use of Jaggery instead of sugar.

I would like to eat this meal at Colonel's Cabin. It’s a Fine Dining Family Restaurant and a big name when it comes to tasty traditional Gujarati thali. Overlooking a beautiful garden, the restaurant is clean and cosy. Guests get good value for money, with endless servings of Gujarati food at its best, which taste just like home-made food.

But I would not be going alone to try mouth-watering meal, I would invite my friend- _________ to try this food. Just like me, she too is a foodie. Whenever I try any new food she is always with me.

I want to try this meal because I have never tried any Gujarati food and I want to have the taste of traditional Gujarati cuisine. And Gujarati Thali contains all the main dishes of Gujarati food to fulfill my objective of tasting Guajarti food.