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Tuesday, 18 July 2017

IELTS Speaking Questions - Shopping

1) When do you usually go shopping?
Ans: Well, I go shopping whenever I am in need of any product. Still, I would say that I shop once a week and that too on weekends. Also, when I go shopping, I shop for some 3-4 hours.

2) Where do you usually go shopping?
Ans:  In my hometown, there are so many places where I go for shopping, but I frequently shop at MBD Neopolis Mall. This place is a shopper's paradise. And has all the products which I mention in my shopping list.

3) When did you last go shopping?
Ans:  To be honest, I went yesterday evening and bought a pair of casual shoes which I am wearing today

4) Do you ever buy things you see on television?
Ans:  No, I never had any chance to buy things which are advertised on TV. Mostly, products shown on TV are either cars or expensive electrical appliances. And these things are never in my shopping lists

5) What time of day do you prefer to go shopping?
Ans:  I prefer to go for shopping after 7 in the evening because, in my city, shops normally close after 9 PM. And from 7 to 9, sellers are ready to sell their products at a throwaway price.

6) Do you prefer to buy things in big shops, or in small shops?
Ans:  Obviously, in a big shop. As in a big shop, there is a wide variety of every product, so I can buy apparel, footwear, and even accessories all under one roof.

7) Is there any kind of shopping that you don’t like? 
Ans:  Well, I don’t like E-shopping. No doubt, this shopping style is gaining popularity. But I dislike it because of the bogus products which are sold on online shopping platforms.

8) Do you prefer to go shopping alone, or with friends?
Ans:  My shopping is always with my friends. I never go alone. In fact, my shopping is more successful when my friends accompany me. And I always welcome their opinions.