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Monday, 30 October 2017

IELTS Part – 1 (General Questions) Band 9 answer Topic - Jewellery


Do you like jewel?
I love collecting tiny pieces of art like jewelleries since they are not only accessories but perfect complements to your whole look. There are thousands of types and designs of jewelleries for you to choose from so I bet everyone, regardless of genders, can find at least one item they love, from earrings, bracelets, necklaces to watches. The materials of which they are made also varied from luxurious ones such as silver, gold, diamond to more affordable and street-style ones like artificial stones, copper or other metals. Thus, they can go with different kinds of styles and if you do it right, they will make your outfit less boring and livelier.

Do you wear any jewellery?
Even though I have a whole jewellery collection at home, I’ve never attempted to put on more than five pieces since I live with a motto “simplicity is the best”. I have a habit of picking up eye-catching accessories whenever I come across one but always consider carefully before matching them with my costume. For example, if I dress in an off-shoulder top, a simple choker is good enough to highlight my long neck. Other times when I tie my hair in a messy bun, I prefer a pair of sophisticated earrings such as hoop or feather ones to add more feminine and romantic vibes. But all in all, never exceed five at the same time.

Do people in your country ever wear jewellery, such as rings or necklace? Why do people like to wear those things?
Beyond a shadow of a doubt, most people show a big preference for accessories like jewellery in the belief that they beautify the body. It’s a common sight that women wear necklaces or bracelets made of gold every time they are present at a special occasion like weddings or parties. Besides, such pricey accessories symbolize people’s social status as well, so it is used as a means to show off things people have.

How often do you wear jewellery?
Once in a while, especially when there is a special event. On that occasion, I often have my bracelet or necklace on so that I can feel more confident in myself.

What kind of jewellery do you like to wear/see on other people?
If I were to choose, I’d opt for gold necklace or bracelet. The reason behind this is that they are eye-catching and a girl would look gorgeous with some accessories on such body parts. For me, any piece of jewellery has its own beauty, depending on the beholders and the appropriateness of the situation.

Why some people wear a jewel for a long time?
I suppose each has their own reasons. In most cases, if people get attached to a certain piece of jewelleries, there might be a story behind it. It could be a family heirloom that has been passed down generations to generations so it has a special meaning to the owner. Or it may belong to someone they hold dear such as their spouse, parent or soulmate which can explain why they don’t want to take it off. Another reason is that they keep wearing the same jewel just out of habit. They get accustomed to it after a while and are too lazy to change the new one so there it stays.


1.  complement (n): a thing that adds new qualities to something in a way that improves it or makes it more attractive

2. regardless of: paying no attention to something/somebody; treating something/somebody as not being important

3.  motto (n): a short sentence or phrase that expresses the aims and beliefs of a person, a group, an institution, etc. and is used as a rule of behaviour

4.  come across (phrasal verb): meet or find by chance

5.  Beyond/ without a shadow of a doubt (phrase) used for saying that you are completely certain of something 

6.  Show a (big) preference for something (phrase) a feeling of liking or wanting something more than someone or something else

7.  Make of (phrasal verb) to produce or construct from

8.  Once in a while (idiom) sometimes

9.  Opt for (verb) make a choice from a range of possibilities

10.    Eye-catching (adj) immediately appealing or noticeable; striking

11.    Beholder (n) a person who sees or observes someone or something.

12.    get attached to: attach

13.    heirloom (n): a valuable object that has belonged to the same family for many years

14.    hold dear (idiom): be fond of; be attached to | cherish, treasure, care for

15.    out of habit (idiom): habitually

16.    get accustomed to: to think/start to think that something is normal or natural because you have experienced it regularly over a period of time