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Saturday, 11 November 2017

(Cue Card) Describe a product you bought and felt happy

Describe a product you bought and felt happy.

What it was
Where you bought it-
What you use it for
and explain why it made you happy

Well, the first thing that came to my mind when I saw this topic was a mobile phone. Honestly saying, after buying this portable telephone, I was over the moon. And here I would talk about the same mobile phone.

Like I said it was a mobile phone. But it is not an ordinary one, It was a special edition luxury iPhone 8plus customised by GOLDGENIE company. There is no change in the specifications of this mobile phone. However, the major difference was in the looks/appearance of the mobile phone. Unlike normal iPhones, this stunning iPhone X is uniquely crafted. Each iPhone is fully embellished in 24ct gold with a beautiful polished effect and also comes with its Apple logo set with 53 Diamonds adding seductive detail.

Well, buying this luxury gadget was not a piece of cake. As its a luxury mobile phone, so it is not available in local market. To buy this, I had to sign up on seller's website. Then followed few more steps to show my interest in buying it. A week later, I received an email with a message that I am eligible to buy this product.

Apple's iPhone is a smartphone that can do many things, depending on what you and the user need. This phone doubles as cameras, stopwatch, voice recorder, calendar, radio and much more. Thanks to the ever-growing app store, there is no limit to the potential uses of the iPhone, depending on your own personal needs.

Some people may feel that there is no happiness in buying this product. But for me, buying this product made me feel happy. Actually, I have prepared the wish-list of the things which I want to buy.  I have bought majority of the things that I mentioned in the list, but few luxury things were not bought. So buying this iPhone gave a push in completing my wish list.


What are the differences between street market and supermarkets?
They are worlds apart, I’d say. At the markets, even thing doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg and you have the freedom to bargain with the seller for the best deal while in the supermarkets, there is a price tag for every product. Another distinction is that when it comes to the degree of convenience. I must say that shopping in air-conditioned and well-ventilated supermarkets a more rewarding experience than making your purchases at the markets; since it can be scorching hot or bitterly cold outside.

Why are many supermarkets built in the city center and some in the suburbs?
Personally, I feel the reason is that many dwell in urban areas, and the demand for purchasing daily necessities is greater. All I’m trying to say is that more supermarkets or shopping malls have to be built to accommodate the needs of a huge population living in the cities. As for suburban areas, the population is rather sparse and therefore just a handful of supermarkets are found in these places.

In your country, what is the most common thing people buy?
Well, the question is too broad to generalize, but if I have to take a pick I won't hesitate to say that people today are making more purchases of smartphones. The youths, for instance, are really eager and enthusiastic every time there’s a new version of smartphone released. The upcoming arrival of the Iphone X will attract thousands of teenagers to buy it, I guess. This indicates that we are showing a bigger preference for giving in the virtual world which is a saddening fact to know.

How often do people in your country go shopping?
Generally speaking, most people are really into shopping and they spend as much time as possible for this activity. Usually women will spend at least one or two times a week browsing for the latest lines of products, especially clothes at the supermarket or shopping mall. If they are busy, they tend to log on the Internet to see some virtual stores and compare the prices of different brands; and then wait till the weekend to satisfy their desire for shopping.

What kinds of places are popular for shopping in your country?
Usually, there are two types of places which are popular among shoppers. The first and most prevalent one is supermarket. This is simply because there are a wide range of clothes of different brands on display and the customers can feel free to try on their favorite pieces of garment. They can also take their friends along to check for them if those clothes match or not, which I think is pretty great. Another type is online shopping. Consumers can access the virtual stores on the Internet and browse for the items they love. Moreover, they can compare prices and look at the review sections and receive advice whether that product is worth buying or not

Do you think online shopping will replace shopping in reality?
Not really, I think each type has its own merits. In terms of shopping at physical stores, there are a wide range of clothes of different brands on display and the customers can feel free to try on their favorite pieces of garment; they can also take their friends along to see if those clothes match or not, which I think is pretty great. In terms of online stores, they can compare prices and look at the review sections and receive advice whether that product is worth buying or not in a nutshell, both are here to stay.

What would you do if you bought something disappointing from the internet?
There can be a number of courses of actions I can consider when an item I bought online fails to live up to my expectations. The first thing I would do in this case is to vote down the address of the store owner and go directly there to ask him. This is simple because the sellers must have the responsibility if they provide products that don’t meet the standards and fix them if there are any technical problems. Another thing I would take into account is that I would go to some local authorities and claim my rights if the seller refuses to repair the item: change another one or give a refund.

How is online shopping so popular these days?
It is understandable that buying stuff online is gaining tremendous popularity among people in modern society. You can see nowadays people don’t have time to get to the store in person and therefore access the virtual stores instead. There is an increase in the number of online stores, selling diverse range of products with different rice ranges which cater for the needs of people of all ages. Furthermore, the customer service is being improved greatly and I see that many people are placing their trust on online shopping these days.

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