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Friday, 12 January 2018

IELTS Speaking Topics 2018

IELTS Speaking Topics 2018

IELTS Speaking Topics: Jan- April 2018

1. Describe about some story which you like a lot or someone told you about.
- Who told you this story?
- When did you hear it?
- What was the story about?
And explain why you liked this story?

2. Describe a situation where you helped an old person
- When you helped?
- Where did you help?
- How you helped?
How you felt about it?

3. What would be your perfect holiday or vacation look like?
- Where would you like to go?
- Who would you like to go with?
- How would you like to spend it?
Explain what activities you would do there?

4. Talk about a thing you just bought and you are happy about
- Explain why you bought it
- Why you selected this product
- From where you purchased it
And explain why are you so happy about it

5. Describe the time when someone took a good photograph of you.
- When was the photo taken
- Where was the photo taken
- Who took the Photograph
How you felt about it

6. Describe something you did to help others / Occasion on which you have helped someone
- Where did you help/ what was the situation
- When
- How you helped
What was their reaction after your help?

7. Describe a period in history which has always interested you
- When did it happen
- What happened
- Why are you interested in it
Who told you first about it?

8. Describe a sportsperson that you admire
- Who is the person
- What is his/her achievement
- Why do you admire him?

9. Describe a development in your country like shopping centre, park etcetera
- What is the development
- When you heard about it
- How did it influence you

10. Talk about the most interesting subject that you learnt in school
- What was the subject
- How long did you study it?
- Why you think it was interesting
- How did the teacher make it interesting? m a k k a r _ | E

11. Describe a technology you use often (other than computer)
- What is it
- When you use it
- What do you use it for
- Explain why you like to use it

12. A public place you visited
- What is it
- When you visited
- What you liked and disliked about it

13. Describe a time when you saved money for something
What you saved for
How you saved money
For how long did you save money

14. A place you want to visit with your friends
- What is the place
- When you want to go
- With whom you want to go?
- Why you want to go with your friends

15. Talk about a toy you liked in your childhood
- What was the toy
- Who gave it to you?
- How often did you play with it

16. Talk about an unusual meal
- When did you eat it
- Where did you eat it?
- With whom you had the meal?

17. Talk about a special day which was not that expensive or on which you didn’t have to spend a lot of money
- What was the occasion
- Where you went?
- Who did you celebrate with

18. Talk about an important river or lake in your country or hometown
- Which water body is that
- How do you know about it?
- Why does it impress you so much

19. Describe a popular person
- Who is he
- How do you know him?
- Why is he popular

20. Talk about an important event that you like to celebrate
- what is the event
- whom do you celebrate it with
- why do you like to celebrate it

21. Talk about your favourite movie
- what is the name of this movie
- when did you watch it and
- why is it your favourite movie

22. An activity that you found boring
When was it?
Where was it? and
Why did you find it boring?

23. Describe a piece of furniture in your home that you often use
- What it is
- Where it is
- What it looks like (or, what it is made of)
- And explain how or why you use it. 

24. What is your idea of a perfect home? (Dream Home)
- Where would it be
- How it would loo
- When do you think you would have such a home

25. Describe an occasion when visitors came to your home
-Who the visitors were
-What the occasion was
What you did for the occasion and the visitor
Explain how you felt about it

26. Talk about a traditional object of your country or Talk about a traditional product of your country that you bought
- What is it
- How is it made
- When did you try it for the first time
- Why do you like it

27. Describe a good decision someone made or (it could be a good decision someone made recently)
- Who made the decision
- What was the decision
- When was it made
- How it affected you
- Why was it a good decision / Are you happy with the decision

28. Describe an occasion when you received a good/best service from a restaurant or a shop
- What the service was
- When and where you received the service
- Whom were you with
- And explain why you think it was a good service

29. Describe an interesting place that few people know or Describe a place in your town which is not so famous for tourists
- where it is
- When you go there
- What you can do there
- Why few people know about it/ why few people go there

30. Describe an interesting person from another country or A famous international person you know/met
- Who this person is
- What this person does
- Why this person is interesting
- How you think of this person

31. Talk about an achievement you are proud of
- What you did
- When did you do it
- Why did that achievement make you proud

32. Describe an important letter that you received.
- When did you receive
- Whom was it from
- What was the content of the letter
- How did you feel about it

33. Describe an activity you do to keep fit / way to stay healthy
- What the activity is
- When and where you usually do it
- How you do it
- Explain why it can keep your fit

34. A place people go to listen music
- Where it is
- What kind of music is performed there
- What type of people go there
- Why people go there
- Explain your impressions of this place

35. Describe an interesting conversation with someone you didn't know or a foreigner
- When this happened
- Who you were talking to
- What you talked about
- Why did you find this conversation interesting

36. A successful businessman
- Who is he
- How do you know him
- Why do you admire him

37. Talk about a company around your city which employs a lot of people
- Where is the company
- What does it do
- How do you know about it

38. Talk about a wish that you couldn’t accomplish for a long time
- What was the wish
- When you wanted to achieve
- Why you couldn't achieve

39. Describe a time/situation when you saw lots of people smiling
- When did you see them
- Where did you see them
- Who you were with
- Why people were smiling

40. Describe a situation when someone gave positive comments about the work you did for them
- What did you do
- When did you do
- What comments did they give

41. Describe something you bought according to an advertisement you saw
- What it was
- Where you saw or heard about it
- What it was about
- Why you wanted to buy it

42. Talk about someone whom you think is the best parent.
- Name and where he/she resides
- What has he/she done
- How you were impressed by him/her

43. An exciting book you read / Describe an exciting book you have read
- When you read it
- What type of book is it
- What is it about
- Why did you find it exciting

44. Describe a long car journey you went on
- Where you went
- What you did at this place
- Who you went there with
- Explain why you went on that journey by car

45. Describe a leisure facility (cinema, theatre, sports centre) you would like to have in your hometown
- What is it
- Where is it
- When you go there
- And how you feel about it

46. Rule in school
- What is the rule
- Do you agree with that
- What would happen if students break the rule

47. Describe a country in which you would like to work for a short time
- Where you would like to work
- What kind of job would it be
- When would you like to go
- Why you want to work there

48. A time when you teamed up with old person to teach something to a friend /relative
- What did you teach
- How did you teach
- Did friend/relative understand what you teach
- How well they know about what you taught

49. Describe a garden you visited regularly during your young age
- Where it was located
- How did it looks like
- What kind of visitors came there

50. Talk about a TV series you remember
- What series is it
- Who are the characters
- What do you like/dislike about it

51. Describe a time when you felt happy that you used your cellphone    
- When it happened
- Where it happened
- Who were you with
- Why you felt happy by using your cellphone

52. Describe your favourite weather.
- What kind of weather it is
- When this weather usually occurs
- What you usually do during this weather
- Explain how this weather affects you
- And explain why you like this type of weather.

53. A website which helped you to do something / website you visit often
- Which site is it
- How did you know about it
- How it helped