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Monday, 6 November 2017

IELTS Part - 1 ( General Questions) Band 9 Answer Topic - Birds


How do you feel about birds?
Well, I'd have to say that I am quite fascinated with birds. I guess each person
is attracted to a different species, and my favorite in the animal kingdom
happens to be birds.

Why do you feel that way?
Well, it is primarily because I have developed a keen interest In flora and fauna, especially flying creatures. I also watch a lot of movies about birds. For example, Rio, an animated movie by Disney, about the journey of a blue bird into the great outdoors

How do people in your country feel about birds?
Overall, they are not very into birds. Only elderly people are fond of keeping birds. Most of people only like to eat them especially game birds. They are considered sort of delicacy.

Are there birds near your home?
You know, I haven't spotted any in my neighborhood. You're more likely to find them in zoos, national parks or in the countryside. Also, a lot of barbershops in my city have bird cages. Not sure why that is.

Have you seen many different kinds of birds?
I have only seen a few, I am not much of a bird watcher The ones I have seen are pretty common, like pigeons and sparrows. I haven't sighted any exotic breeds.

Animal kingdom (phrase) the world of animals
Develop a keen interest In (expression) to be very interested in something
Flora and fauna (phrase) plants and animals
Great outdoors (phrase) the woods, the wilderness, the wild
Game birds (noun) a bird that may be legally hunted according to the laws
Delicacy (noun) a choice or expensive food
Bird watcher (noun) a person who watches and identifies wild birds

Exotic (adj) originating in or characteristic of a distant foreign country

Sunday, 5 November 2017

IELTS Part - 1 (General Questions) Band 9 answer Topic- Daily Routine

IELTS Part - 1 (General Questions) Band 9 answer Topic- Daily Routine

Daily Routine

IELTS Speaking Questions with answers

Do you like to plan what you will do each day?
So far, planning has become one of my unbreakable habits. The more I get older, the more I learn about the importance of planning ahead even though I have just started this lately. Every night before I go to bed, I would make a to-do list for the following day, then scan through my monthly planner for any upcoming events such as deadlines, meetings or travel trips. Such organizing activity has helped ease my life.

Please describe your typical daily routine
A typical day of mine starts at 8 am. After waking up, I would just go for some basic getting-ready steps just like other girls. On weekdays I usually have classes so I would leave home at around 8.45 am to be there on time. After classes, I have lunch and go straight back home for some rest as I find morning classes are quite overwhelming. Meanwhile, on weekends when I don’t have classes, I would spend my morning on assignments. In the evening I would do some workout, take a shower and then cook dinner with my friends in order to supply ourselves some healthy foods and save money on a budget. I also eat out sometimes if we’re both busy or we run out of food. After I finish my dinner, I check my planner and get myself back to work. Additionally, as I’m not a night owl, I try to manage my time as efficiently as possible until around 12 am. Before I brush my teeth and go to bed at around 1 am, I would scan through my planner for what to do on the following day and maybe listen to some relaxing music and do some meditation.

What do you usually do at this time of day?
As usual I would still be working on my assignments. I always spend loads of time and efforts on researching for materials, organizing ideas and writing a number of drafts as I always aim to get good marks. Between duration of hard work when I find myself quite drained out, I take a 15-minute break to go online, drink some water or listen to some music to refresh my mind.

Do you usually do the same things at the same time each day?
Well, I guess I would say repeating similar things everyday is not my lifestyle. A meaningful life to me is when I can balance between my personal life and my social life. What I mean is, I always seek for opportunities to see, interact and maybe involve in other people's lives to open my mind and learn great things from them. Thus, instead of studying, I would love to spend some evenings or nights, either outdoor or indoor, with my family and friends. Besides, I also participate in social activities held by my university. I believe that this is the right time for the young generation like me to discover the outside world.

How do you organize your study time?
Maybe because I am very keen on study, I keep studying as a daily routine. Normally I start after lunch or dinner everyday and try to finish it before midnight. However, sometimes it appears to be so boring for me, after I go out and have fun, I would either stay up late or wake up early in the morning to study depending on how tired I am.

Do you ever change your plans?
Well I guess I have to say I’ve changed my plans a number of times actually. Besides those events such as appointments, meetings or travel trips could barely be put off, I tend to be flexible and go with the flow. Some people who manage their time exactly to every minute but that’s just not my style. If I feel changes do not significantly alter other activities, I would just go for it.

What’s your favorite time of the day?
I guess from 4pm to 6pm, when I have some rest after class and a little workout, is my favorite time of the day. I find myself highly awake and process things much more effectively during these hours. This is also a good time to spend on going outside and meeting up, as there is a wide variety of places to choose from and the weather is cooled down.

What do you want to change in your daily routine?
I guess I would definitely have to change my routine once I jump into the workplace, especially if I work in an office. I think I first have to get myself used to unchangeable events, then manage myself to adapt to the new working environment, as I am actually not good at dealing with changes.

To get used to (doing) something (v): to get familiar with doing Something
To be overwhelming (adj): Something which is difficult to fight against
To save money on a budget (phrase): to save money
To eat out (v): to go outside to eat
To do some meditation (v): some therapeutic methods to release stress
To be drained out (v): to be exhausted by something
To seek for (v): to look for something important (jobs, scholarships, etc.)
To stay up late (v): to go to bed late at night
To put off (v): to postpone, to delay
Go with the flow (phrase): let things happen | cope with the adversity
To go for it (phrase): to encourage SO to go ahead and do something
(An) unbreakable habit(s) (n): habits that you keep for a long-term

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

IELTS Speaking Part -1 (Band 9) Answer - Transportation


What’s the most popular means of transportation in your hometown?
Without any doubt I would say motorbikes. Almost everyone travels by motorbike. The reason why motorbike is so popular I think is due to their reasonable price and convenience. They also extremely varied in terms of size, color and quality, thus a wide variety of choices is available for everyone.

Monday, 30 October 2017

IELTS Part – 1 (General Questions) Band 9 answer Topic - Jewellery


Do you like jewel?
I love collecting tiny pieces of art like jewelleries since they are not only accessories but perfect complements to your whole look. There are thousands of types and designs of jewelleries for you to choose from so I bet everyone, regardless of genders, can find at least one item they love, from earrings, bracelets, necklaces to watches. The materials of which they are made also varied from luxurious ones such as silver, gold, diamond to more affordable and street-style ones like artificial stones, copper or other metals. Thus, they can go with different kinds of styles and if you do it right, they will make your outfit less boring and livelier.

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

IELTS Speaking Question - Robots

Are you interested in robots?

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

IELTS Speaking Questions - Shopping