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Saturday, 22 April 2017

Ideas for IELTS Topic - Animal rights

Arguments for Animal Testing

- Animals are used in important scientific research
- It is necessary to do medical tests on new drugs
- Animal testing helps to advance medical and scientific knowledge / medical breakthroughs
- Many important medical discoveries involved experimentation on animals
- Researchers aim to minimize the suffering that animals experience
- Testing for the cosmetics industry is now banned in many countries
- Some medical or scientific experiments simply cannot be done on humans

Arguments against Animal Testing

- The benefits of research using animals do not justify the suffering caused
- It is cruel if it is just done to publish papers
- There are alternative methods of research
- Computer simulation can be used in most cases
- The lives of animals should be respected
- Humans have no moral right to do experiments on animals

Arguments for Vegetarianism

- Vegetarians do not eat foods that are produced by killing animals
- Many people choose a vegetarian diet for moral or health reasons
- A healthy diet is possible without eating meat
- It is unnecessary to kill animal for food
- A vegetarian diet may reduce the risk of disease like cancer
- Many people question the treatment of animals in factory farms

Arguments against Vegetarianism

- Vegetarians do not eat a balanced diet
- In many cultures, meat is the main ingredient in traditional meals
- Meat-eaters argue that animals are below humans in the food chain
- It is completely natural for us to kill them for food
- Our aim should be improve farming methods
- Farms should produce organic food

Friday, 21 April 2017

Ideas for IELTS Topic - Advertising


Ideas for Writing Topic - Advertising

Positives of Advertising

-  Advertising is a key part of modern business
-  Companies need to tell customers about their products and services
-  Advertisements inform us about the choices we have
-  Advertising is a creative industry that employs many people
-  Without advertising we would have less choice
-  Without advertising there would be higher unemployment
- Advertising is a form of modern art
-  People enjoy adverts

 Negatives of Advertising

-  Advertising manipulates people
-  It aims to persuade people that buying a product will make them happier
- Advertisers focus on selling a brand image
-  They use glamorous, successful people
-  We now live in a consumer culture
-  We are persuaded to follow the latest trend
-  We are encouraged to associate certain brands with a higher status
- Advertisers often aim their marketing at children
-  Children can easily be influenced by advertisements.
-  Children put pressure on parents to buy them things

 Opinions about Advertising

- Advertising should be regulated
- Advertising aimed at children should be controlled or even banned
- Unhealthy foods should not be marketed in a way that attracts children
-  Products that can be risk to health should display warnings
- In some countries, it is illegal to advertise cigarettes on television
-  Warnings must be displayed on cigarette packets
- However, advertising is necessary in free market economies
- It creates demand for products
-  Governments should only censor false information or products that are harmful